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Who's looking after you? Are you stuck in a rut of pain, sadness or grief? Have you lost your joy in life?  Are you always tired? 

Greenorchid massage & wellness was born of my passion to help people feel better, physically, emotionally and mentally.  I help people remove the stress and pain from their body so that it can begin the healing process.  

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November 2015

"I had the biggest knot in my back. It was bigger than anyone could imagine. It hurt to move. It hurt to breathe. I could not take a deep breath without feeling a sharp piercing pain in between my shoulder blades. Not being able to take a deep breath started to give me anxiety and I feared that a large dose of painkillers and a bottle of wine to wash them down would be the only thing tough enough to conquer this pain. I was wrong. Tami took on a feat that most would run from. I was cranky and miserable. Tami saved my spouse from a night of wining, bellyaching and ear screeching screams of agony in between the demands to cater to my every need because I could not move. She went to work on the knot and after the first massage I was feeling ten times better and my anxiety subsided because I could breathe again. The knot was large enough that it took a couple visits to free me of it completely; however, it was much more manageable. I was so surprised to find that a muscle in my buttocks area of all places was actually causing the pain in my back. Tami continues to amaze me with her talent. I see her as often as I can and the difference it has made in every sense of the word well-being is incredible. My body feels better, my mind feels better and I learn something new about my own body every time I visit her. I am weight training and my muscles sometimes hate me. She makes my muscles not so angry which allows me to train harder thus feeling a real sense of accomplishment. The clarity that a wonderful massage allows proves to be the most beneficial to me though. I often allow the stressors of life to get the better of me but with Tami and her magic hands along with her ability to make me see the transparency of all my problems... the answer to the problem is that there is no problem. I appreciate Tami and her skills. I am a client for life."

Balinda May  



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01 May

Feel Better Fast

One of the questions I often hear is “how often should I come see you?”. The answer has many variables but there are a couple general considerations, the first of which is how fast do you want to feel better? When we do a balance on the body, it’s often a good idea to wait […]

17 Feb

Fast, Frugal & Fabulous Healthy Dinner

  Have you ever had one of those nights where you’re tired, everyone’s hungry and nothing is planned for dinner? I’ve had way to many of those evenings to count! This meal is perfect for those nights with a little help from the freezer or pantry.  It can be ready in 35 minutes or less, is […]

06 Feb

Why All the Hype About Water?

You hear it regularly (especially if you’re a client of mine) “are you drinking enough water?”.  Why are so many of us obsessed with adequate water intake? Because most people are chronically dehydrated. What does chronic dehydration look like? According to F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. (I love his name!!), it looks like asthma, allergies, insulin dependant […]

27 Jan

Living Your Best Life

January is for many a time of reflection, resolution setting, and often, disappointment in themselves as they quickly slip back into their old routines.  What would it take to make this year different for you? What changes would you need to make to live your best life? Do you have a goal to exercise regularly? […]

17 Feb

Do You Need Help Sleeping?

At least once a week and sometimes multiple times a week, I find myself discussing sleep, or lack thereof, with a client.  It seems we go through phases in our lives, as kids sleeping usually comes easy, teenagers can’t get enough, usually in our 20’s we do ok and then wham, we find ourselves staring […]

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Welcome to greenorchid massage & wellness located in beautiful Penticton, BC.  Life today is full of tension, stress of work, family responsibilities, finaces, etc.  That tension carries through to our bodies, aching neck, sore back, tight shoulder, headaches, stomach aches and so on.  Tension can lead to feelings of fatigue, heaviness, aches and pain, insomnia, clenching of the teeth and muscle pain.  At greenorchid massage & wellness I help you release that tension and return to a state of balance and well being using a variety of methods.