One of the questions I often hear is “how often should I come see you?”. The answer has many variables but there are a couple general considerations, the first of which is how fast do you want to feel better? When we do a balance on the body, it’s often a good idea to wait […]

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  Have you ever had one of those nights where you’re tired, everyone’s hungry and nothing is planned for dinner? I’ve had way to many of those evenings to count! This meal is perfect for those nights with a little help from the freezer or pantry.  It can be ready in 35 minutes or less, is […]

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You hear it regularly (especially if you’re a client of mine) “are you drinking enough water?”.  Why are so many of us obsessed with adequate water intake? Because most people are chronically dehydrated. What does chronic dehydration look like? According to F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. (I love his name!!), it looks like asthma, allergies, insulin dependant […]

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January is for many a time of reflection, resolution setting, and often, disappointment in themselves as they quickly slip back into their old routines.  What would it take to make this year different for you? What changes would you need to make to live your best life? Do you have a goal to exercise regularly? […]

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17 Feb February 17, 2016

Do You Need Help Sleeping?

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At least once a week and sometimes multiple times a week, I find myself discussing sleep, or lack thereof, with a client.  It seems we go through phases in our lives, as kids sleeping usually comes easy, teenagers can’t get enough, usually in our 20’s we do ok and then wham, we find ourselves staring […]

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14 Oct October 14, 2014

Eco-friendly pads and liners

Eco-Friendly Pads & Liners

Ladies, it’s time to take your feminine hygiene products to the eco-friendly level! Did you know that in an average woman’s lifetime they will use 11-13 thousand feminine hygiene products? Have you ever stopped to think about how those products are made? What chemicals they are treated with and the effects those can have on […]

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10 Oct October 10, 2014

Natural Soap That’s Vegan Too!

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Natural Soap by Soda Creek Soap Co.

Do you love luxury soap? I do, but I also love natural ingredients, supporting entrepreneurs, and value for my dollar.  Soda Creek Soap Co. is a Penticton company making amazing handcrafted, vegan soaps that are a treat to use. Pictured is the lavender cupcake natural soap but a wide variety of scents are available such […]

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