One of the questions I often hear is “how often should I come see you?”. The answer has many variables but there are a couple general considerations, the first of which is how fast do you want to feel better? When we do a balance on the body, it’s often a good idea to wait […]

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14 Oct October 14, 2014

Eco-friendly pads and liners

Eco-Friendly Pads & Liners

Ladies, it’s time to take your feminine hygiene products to the eco-friendly level! Did you know that in an average woman’s lifetime they will use 11-13 thousand feminine hygiene products? Have you ever stopped to think about how those products are made? What chemicals they are treated with and the effects those can have on […]

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10 Oct October 10, 2014

Natural Soap That’s Vegan Too!

Tami Le Poidevin 0 Natural Products, Natural Skin Care
Natural Soap by Soda Creek Soap Co.

Do you love luxury soap? I do, but I also love natural ingredients, supporting entrepreneurs, and value for my dollar.  Soda Creek Soap Co. is a Penticton company making amazing handcrafted, vegan soaps that are a treat to use. Pictured is the lavender cupcake natural soap but a wide variety of scents are available such […]

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