14 Oct October 14, 2014

Eco-friendly pads and liners

Eco-Friendly Pads & Liners

Ladies, it’s time to take your feminine hygiene products to the eco-friendly level!

Did you know that in an average woman’s lifetime they will use 11-13 thousand feminine hygiene products? Have you ever stopped to think about how those products are made? What chemicals they are treated with and the effects those can have on your body? Goddess Moons has and GreenOrchid Massage is now carrying a line of Goddess Moons pads and liners that are safer for you and are more eco-friendly.Eco-Friendly Pads and Liners Try Me Kit

Why use Goddess Moons eco-friendly pads and liners? First, they are made with organic cotton and bamboo in a breathable form that is soft and healthier for you. They are super comfy and easy to care for. Since they last for years they save you money. Current stock includes Try Me Starter Kits, Night and Day Starter Kits and panty liners in both the four and seven pack which can be used for both your monthly cycle or light incontinence. There are a variety of patterns available and several options for light to heavy flow. Check out Goddess Moons for more information and to see their full selection of eco-friendly pads and liners. Anything you would like that I currently don’t have in stock can be ordered in. www.goddessmoons.com

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