27 Jan January 27, 2017

Living Your Best Life

January is for many a time of reflection, resolution setting, and often, disappointment in themselves as they quickly slip back into their old routines.  What would it take to make this year different for you? What changes would you need to make to live your best life?

Do you have a goal to exercise regularly? Do you dream of volunteering more but can’t find the time? Are you doing work you love or is there another job/career you’d love to do “one day”? What if you can achieve those goals? What if you have the time to exercise, volunteer more and take classes to do something you love?

A good friend of mine loaned me a book (thanks J!) by Laura Vanderkam and it was eye opening.  “I Know How She Does It-How Successful Women Make the Most of Their Time.”  This book contains many actual time logs of successful, working mothers.  Laura delves into the data produced by 1001 days of women who have children and earn at least $100,000 a year.  I was so inspired by this book that I next downloaded a previous book of hers “168 Hours-You Have More Time Than You Think” which applies to those married, single, parents or those without kids.  In both books you are encouraged to look at your week differently, as 168 hours, instead of thinking 24/7.  Why does that make a difference? When you total up the time you actually spend on your weekly activities it’s stunning how much or how little of your 168 hours they take.

Let’s say you sleep the recommended eight hours a night, weekly total =56. You work full time with a half hour for lunch and a half hour commute, your weekly total =45.  Those two items add up to 101 hours leaving 67 hours in your week.  How are you spending those 67 hours? The average Canadian spends 16-21.8 hours a week watching TV and according to some reports North Americans spend eight hours a week online. This doesn’t take into account checking your phone, texting etc.  Is that you? Is that how you want to spend your life?  Can you not find five hours a week to exercise, a few hours a week to play with your kids, volunteer or take the first class in a new career path?

These questions made me seriously consider how much time I was wasting and ask myself if I was making the time for the priorities in my life.  My attitude towards my life and my time has changed significantly.

What about you? Have you ever said “I don’t have the time”? I’d encourage you to watch Laura’s TED talk and see if it motivates you to look at your week differently.  Here’s a quote from it “Don’t focus on time, focus on building the life you want and the time saves itself”.

More to come on living your best life later………

Remember to make today a healthy and happy day!

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2 thoughts on “Living Your Best Life

  1. Brenda Williams says:

    WOW! What a great blog. I never calculated the number of hours in a week. I have always been 24/7. It is great to see you blogging about topics you are so passionate about. Please continue to blog. As I always say you are my health and wellness guru and I appreciate all the suggestions that you give me. I can’t wait to read your next blog. You go!!!!!!!!

    1. Tami says:

      Thanks Brenda for your kind words! As you know I have lots to say, now to transfer that to fun, readable sentences.

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