Each session with a client is specifically tailored to their needs that day.  Using a combination of deep tissue and acupressure massage the client and I work as a team to find and release tension within all areas the body. This massage and can be very intense and may be uncomfortable at times, however, the end result is complete relaxation, more mobility and a greater awareness of your own ability to relieve stress.

What To Expect
Clients undress for the deep tissue massage portion to their underwear, however, client’s private areas will be covered with a sheet or towel at all times. No exceptions.

“All is well with me..ever since coming for massage I have become my true self.  It took some time, but I couldn’t thank you enough and will come by again soon.” JG

“I have received several massages from Tami, and thoroughly enjoyed all of them. Tami is very caring and compassionate and provides a very relaxing atmosphere. The massage is intense, but that only works towards making you feel so much better afterwards. I would recommend trying this type of massage to anyone.” SC

“I have had lower back pain for years and the only thing that seemed to help was going to the chiropractor several times. After the 1st session with Tami my back pain is gone. It has been a week and I am still pain free. Thank you Tami for an amazing fix!” SL

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